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Special application furnaces and dryers

  • JSC "Uterna" has been maintaining constant close contacts with its customers and has acquired a lot of experience in the production of non-standard furnaces and dryers that are manufactured according to the technical specifications that are developed and provided by the customers. Customers provide the following standard data in the specifications: purpose of a furnace or dryer, dimensions and weight of the thermally processed product and mechanization. This information is sufficient for our specialists to prepare a detailed quotation and start designing the furnace.
  • The benefit of this type of mutual collaboration is evident as the client receives a furnace that is customized for a particular thermal process, taking the maximum from the available equipment and technological processes, and JSC "Uterna" acquires experience in the field of production of electrical furnaces and dryers, as well as expands its product range and implements innovations. Gl√∂dgningsugnar ¬†Bandugnar ¬†Rullh√§rdugnar ¬†Linkbeltugnar ¬†Vacuumugnar

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